Code of Ethics

Foundation of truth and integrity

CycleHouse International is guided by what is right because we believe that a company’s integrity is essential in maintaining its credibility.

We are committed in conducting our activities with integrity. We are honest in our professional and business dealings. We are truthful about the company, its products and services.

Compliance and adherence to law and obligations

CycleHouse International complies with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, both in letter and in spirit.

We are committed in fulfilling our obligations and agreements. We encourage lawful and ethical behaviour within our organization and to the people we deal with.

Fairness and respect

CycleHouse International is committed in providing a work and business environment that treats everyone with equality and respect.

We exercise good faith and fairness in all our dealings. We respect diversity and we practice inclusivity. We show fairness to everyone, at all times, regardless of gender, race, age, political belief, religion, economic class, and mental or physical disability, among others.

Collaboration and teamwork

CycleHouse International believes that through cooperation, we can win together as a team.

The success of our organization depends largely on our employees, suppliers, franchisees, investors, and customers. We believe that by helping each other, we learn from each other, and we become better.

Core Values

Open and timely communication even if it is uncomfortable

Cyclehouse International believes that communication is a key foundation in developing trust, excellence in execution, and maximum results for the business. Pleasant or unpleasant it maybe to the other party, we communicate in the most caring way possible, without compromising what needs to be communicated. This is done in a timely manner to benefit or mitigate risk to the other person or the brand.

Work smart and go the extra mile to deliver results that are sustainable

Working hard is an honorable and worthy thing to do on a day-to-day basis because we are working for something bigger than ourselves. But, we at Cyclehouse, also know that working smart is of utmost importance to get more things done in a sustainable manner.

Take accountability for actions or inactions and learn from them

We understand that good or bad results are part of the journey in bringing the brand to the next level. What is of prime importance is our ability to own up to the results—good or bad—and the action we take. We learn from it, we try again, and we move forward.

Act in a trustworthy manner by showing competence, loyalty, and respect

Cyclehouse believes that action speaks louder than words. While we might fall short at some point in time, we will strive to be better. This will be reflected in our everyday actions--as a commitment to ourselves, our brands, our partners, our customers, and the community.

Seek and collaborate to decide what is best for the brand and for everybody

We recognize that real teamwork is manifested by seeking each other’s inputs, building up each other’s ideas, and helping one another in finding the best solution. We resist the urge of just trying to prove ourselves right when engaging with others. We genuinely seek with the team to come up with the best possible solutions that will benefit the brand and everyone.

Constantly innovating and improving ourselves and everything we do

We realize that the best way to engage each team member is by challenging them to overcome their limiting beliefs about themselves. Cyclehouse supports them in conquering the insurmountable challenges in delivering results for the brand. We encourage them to try new approaches and improve themselves relentlessly.

Love the brand and the brand takes care of everyone

Cycehouse believes that everything starts with the love for the brand. We know that there would be no significant and lasting progress for both the team members and the brand without loving the brand wholeheartedly. We ask these questions everyday: Did we love enough? Did we love our customers by honoring our promises to them? Did we love our partners by delivering on our commitments? Did we love ourselves enough by being true to ourselves and by being the best that we can be?

Lead and initiate regardless of title because everyone can make an impact

Cyclehouse believes in empowering each team member regardless of their position or status in the company. We devote time and effort in strengthening the capabilities of each partner employee at every level, so that they’ll be able to lead and take responsibility for the success of the brand.

Pursue greatness by serving others

We are aware that self-gratification and fulfillment in life is dependent on becoming the best version of one’s true self, and a fidelity to a worthy purpose--which is to serve others.

Faith in action in everything we do

We, at Cyclehouse, acknowledge a higher power that ultimately determines every endeavor that we undertake. We believe in God who made all things possible. We rely on God’s promises for the brand and for each employee, partner, and the community. Most of all, we believe in His sovereignty.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission and vision are the foundations of how we operate. These statements are the roadmap that guide and inspire us in building prosperity for all.

Our Mission is to create partnership programs and technology platforms that will help solve people’s everyday problems.

Our Vision is to build prosperity and generate livelihood opportunities by serving the communities in Southeast Asia through faith in action.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At CycleHouse International, we believe that corporate social responsibility adds value to our goal of building prosperity for all. It also positively impacts the communities that we live and operate in. To do so, we came up with an initiative that embodies our CSR spirit – CycleHouse Cares.

Partnered with House of Refuge Foundation

We partnered with House of Refuge Foundation, a local NGO that provides shelter and basic needs to abandoned, neglected, orphaned, or abused children.

For every bike sold, part of the proceeds will be donated to the institution, which will help fulfil the dreams of these children. Indeed, even the littlest things can make a big difference!

As part of our commitment, CycleHouse International will continue to look for ways to actively participate in community development.

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